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the worthy spouse of the Most Chaste Virgin, as is advanced and perpetrated by the anti-Catholic Talmudic sect known as Opus Dei.


St. Anthony Abbot Lover of the Virtue of Poverty Ora Pro Nobis
Saint Anthony the Abbot Tempted by a Lump of Gold
Fra Angelico, c. 1436

The following excellent article was written by an Attorney who has researched and documented many glaring examples of the unsaintliness of Monsignor Escriva and his Talmudic-based pseudo-Catholic organization Opus Dei.

Caution: There is some extremely lewd dialogue that Monsignor Escriva spoke which is documented and cited in this historically important article, which should not be read at all by young readers.

[Disclaimer: While on earth, Jesus founded a visible Church with a visible Head. He promised to remain with this Church to the end of time. We must remember this and not be scandalized when we see corruption . . . there have always been bad grapes in the vineyard. Let us not abandon Peter because of Judas! Only the Roman Catholic Church can trace her roots from Peter to the *present day. In regards to this *present day, the Webmaster by applying correct theological principles to the current "visible" government in Rome, holds the view that *John Paul II was a manifest heretic, and thus ipso facto could not have been a valid pope. In fact he (JP2) for a variety of reasons, such as falling under the ex cathedra condemnation of His Holiness, Pope Paul IV's 1559 A.D. Papal Bull *Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, could never have been a lawful pontiff (Note: this infallible Papal Bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio invalidates the most recent usurpers claim, Benedict XVI, of legitimacy also.) Any references to alleged "beatifications" or "canonizations" performed by this usurper of Church property [JP2] are without substance.

Objective Truth: A lawful and true Pope is always the Ruler of the Earth, and Head Authority during normal Catholic times. However, in the absence of this authority, truth, the mind's conformity to reality, obviously still exists, is objective, and must be sought. -The Webmaster]

Escriva the Marrano would have been rooted-out faster than a New York minute by the Glorious Inquisitions of old.
Members of the Opus Dei Money Cult Shown Bowing to their Leader Escriva The Marrano

(by a Reader of this widely circulated article)

"Even the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who Escriva teaches was not more than one of his most loved Jews takes a back seat in this organization..."

August 2002 A.D.

Dear Mr. Martin:

I am very grateful for your article, "Leopards in the Temple." Thank God there was at least one Catholic to take them apart. There are so many of them; they are so powerful; and they are so dangerous to the Faith. Someone told me that there was one historical case of an "un-sainting," but they did not name the person or the date. I cannot find any documentation on this, and I have no reason to believe it to be true.

I am sure that in your research you became, like me, very disturbed by the fundamental nature of Opus Dei which does not appear to be reconcilable with the Catholic Faith. The more I studied the problem, the more self-evident it was. I believe that much of the confusion about this prelature is in the absence of the documentation which is supposed to fundament it. There is not only the absence of any constitution that, if published at all, is in Latin
[Note: the author is not slighting the universal language of the Church (Latin) here, but is merely alluding to the reality that today’s "enlightened" post-conciliar Catholics no longer know this sacred language to their own detriment. – The Webmaster] but also the absence of the theological study that was performed before the prelature was granted. This theological study, which was in fact done, is also not open for review by anyone and no adequate explanation is given for the secrecy, especially since its members are sought among the laity. Therefore, all we have to recommend its existence is the personal recommendation of the Holy Father, his "high sign" which we are expected to accept, without question, and without the underlying documentation that fundaments his stamp of approval.

But traditional Catholic teaching shows us that what prior popes referred to derisively as a "new form" is not reconcilable with the Faith. The fundament for the change of canon law was developed at *Vatican II. *[Note: see the following link on the Apostate Vatican II Council -The Webmaster] Yet in attacking it, are we not attacking the Pope personally, or worse, the papacy? We are held at bay in this charade. Is it not surprising therefore that most of the opposition comes from the Protestants, or the liberal Catholics, but in their error, their arguments cannot be wholly as sound as a Catholic schooled in the Faith?

The enemy has taken control of the citidel Dec. 1, 2003. At the Vatican the Rabbi Marvin Hier delivers a menorah, a Hebrew Candelabra, to anti-pope John Paul II, [an Opus Dei cheerleader and/or just main hidden leader] as a reward for his "lifelong friendship" with the Jewish religion. A practical denial of two thousand years of Catholic teaching about the perfidy of the Jewish "religion". –The Webmaster

The Church defines the three states in life: the single, the married and the religious state. Their duties are defined. Opus Dei does worse than blur these definitions in identity and in duties. Opus Dei clashes distinct and separate identities and forms a brand new identity – the numerary. [The word numerary means "coin" which should give the reader an idea at least of what they are used for. -The Webmaster] The numerary therefore is not a product of Catholic thought, like for instance, the "third order," but of dialectics, subscribed to by the communists, but originally conceived in talmudic and kabalistic teachings, teachings which tragically evolved in Judaism after Christ’s rejection. As a product of dialectics, how, then, can this numerary know what he/she is and what is expected of him/her. Only confusion is engendered, for it is impossible for faith and reason, which go hand in hand, to inform you of your state and of your duties – about what God expects of you and what He does not. To know your duties as a member of Opus Dei, natural reason is by necessity suspended, and for this reason members are more inclined to turn over their wills to the Dr. Frankenstein who designed this artificially constructed "new form" using dialectical constructs, which are in fact talmudic in teachings and concepts, which some Opus Dei members (i.e., Rabbi Kreiman) confess are talmudic. Is this not a plausible explanation for the zombie-like qualities and the Pavlovian gestures, so visible in its membership? It is simply not possible for natural reason to assist you in of what you should do and should not do in this artificially constructed state.

Opus Dei "Zombie Zealot" member and self-confessed communist spy Robert Hanssen’s sinister crime against America was viewed at first as, "Exceptionally grave" by U.S. officials in regards to the harm inflicted on U.S. security before they knew the depth of his betrayal. Now, some analysts call Hanssen the most damaging spy in U.S. history. His evils actions were directly responsible in having two innocent undercover agents killed by the Soviets. It has also been reported that Hanssen may have helped Terrorists obtain "former" Soviet Union nuclear materials on the black market. Hanssen was paid more than a million dollars by America’s enemies for this Opus Satanas "Work of Satan" espionage career. It is documented that before this Opus Dei member [Hanssen] was caught "red" handed spying by the FBI, he had confessed his Benedict Arnold lifestyle to an Opus Dei Priest, who told him to give the money received from his past dark dealings to charity.
[It does not take much imagination to guess where Hanssen’s blood money ended up. – The Webmaster]
The Fruit of Opus Dei Communist Spy Robert Hanssen
Robert Hanssen:
This Opus Dei member gladly betrayed his country for a bag of gold

The accoutrements of Catholicism are used and used wrongly, and with the documentation missing, the only thing that we have that informs us that it is not Catholic is the traditional teaching of the Church, our only guide in judging this "new form." Viewed closely, there are many elements of classical Judaism (Judaism after Christ), and for that reason they are more dangerous than the most vitriolic liberal Catholic, because if it is conceived in talmudic Judaism, it is anti-Christ.

Considering their stronghold in Rome, considering their numbers, considering their invisibility, will those fallen away Catholics and converts returning to the Church come back to Catholicism, or an Opusian cult, not popular and universal, but elitist and exclusive, another trait of talmudic Judaism. The articulated extraneous apostolate, about the sanctity of work, the blessings of work, dreamed up by Escriva and lauded by more than one Jewish rabbi as talmudic, do not reflect but distort clear Catholic doctrine about the nature of work.

[Disclaimer: Mr. Michael Davies quoted below (now deceased) was not a friend of Traditional Catholicism as some have mistakenly thought. He (Mr. Davies) had ties with Opus Dei, and many other anti-Catholic, subversive elements that falsely claim the name Catholic. Also note the, "modern Mass," spoken of (below) i.e. the Novus Ordo/New Order "Mass" has theologically been proven to, not be a true Mass; i.e. it is invalid. Please see the following prophecy by Venerable Anna-Kartarina-Emmeirck about this abominable "modern Mass".

Anna-Kartarina Emmerick
"... nor did they receive the body of Our Lord, but only bread." -Ven. Anna-Katarina Emmerick

Ven. Anna-Kartarina Emmerick (19th Century): "I saw again the new and odd-looking church which they were trying to build. There was nothing holy about it... People were kneading bread in the crypt below... but it would not rise, nor did they receive the body of Our Lord, but only bread. Those who were in error, through no fault of their own, and who piously and ardently longed for the Body of Jesus were spiritually consoled, but not by their communion. Then, my Guide [Jesus] said: 'THIS IS BABEL.' [The Mass in many languages]."
(This prophecy was made circa 1820 by Anna-Katarina Emmerick, a stigmatized Augustinian nun and is recorded in
The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich by Rev. Carl E. Schmoeger, C.SS.R.) -The Webmaster

In the modern Mass, the following prayer replaces the Suscipe, Sancta Pater:

"Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread to offer, which earth has given and human hands have made. It will become for us the bread of life."

Michael Davies, in his book, Liturgical Revolution (Vol. 3), p.320, quotes Fr. Charles E. Coughlan, who explained:

"This prayer is a combination of a prayer taken from the Jewish meal ritual and the concept of man’s work consecrated to the Lord, an idea which the *Pope [*Note: not a true Pope, but a Vatican II anti-pope -The Webmaster] himself wanted to be expressed in some way at this point in the Mass."

Michael Davies concludes,

". . . this prayer is thus acceptable not simply to Protestants, but to Jews and would certainly fit in with the ethos of a Masonic hall."

In reading the prayer, one sees clearly the apostolate of Opus Dei.

I have gone over the history of Msgr. Escriva and his group, and it is very clear in the books I’ve read and am reading, including *Hutchinson’s book (see footnotes) and Opus Dei’s book, The Canonical Path of Opus Dei, that Escriva was viewed with suspicion by the then reigning popes, to wit, Pius XI and Pius XII, but he kept coming to Rome and was granted incessant audiences with these popes who would shew him away, giving him Blessed Mother medals (Note: The webmaster does not ascribe to the use of words in the last sentence if it denigrates in any way the Blessed Mother, however, he believes this was not the intent of the author of this fine article), but no recognition. He was highly visible and always there, getting this and that citation, this and that medal.

The Enemies of Catholic Truth could not conceal their glee over this abomination.
Masonic anti-pope John XXIII tries to reconcile the unreconcilable...
he decides the 1917 Code of Canon Law must be revamped.

As a lawyer who has rubbed shoulders with the worst of politicians, I can tell you this is the way you become visible, it is the way to power, particularly when you have no talent and nothing of substance to offer the political leadership. In any event, over the years, after making so many trips to Rome and getting so many medals, he began to repeatedly ask for recognition, but the popes always refused him, derisively calling the apostolate, a "new form," which could not be reconciled judicially with the Faith. Eventually [anti-pope] John XXIII came along and told Escriva that, while he could not recognize the apostolate, the cardinals would work on the necessary documentation at Vatican II which would then supply the fundament to change the canon law of 1917. He and his "new form" could then be recognized.

Anti-Saint Escriva and Anti-Pope John XXIII
A Peevish looking Escriva (on left) with Antipope John XXIII and Portillo, March 15, 1960 A.D.
Escriva The Marrano and his "Mindless Minions" were more than happy to help bankroll Roncalli's Masonic Revolution

Portillo, the right hand man of Escriva, had a very important position during Vatican II, and sat on the canonical commission that revamped the 1917 canon law, which was completed in 1983. [Note: The 1983 Code of Canon Law must be rejected by true Catholics- The Webmaster] (He also incidentally sat on the committee of the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints, at the time that the "devil’s advocate" was dispensed with.)

Billions of Catholic souls damned and non-Catholics left in utter darkness- The Apostate Council's Agenda from the get go.
The Apostate Vatican II Robber Council

Believing Escriva’s loud declarations that he wanted ". . .nothing to do with Vatican II because of its liberal agenda", Escriva and his "new form" had a vital interest in getting the liberal agenda of this Council passed because their very existence depended upon it. Without Vatican II, Opus Dei, and its progeny, i.e., NeoCathecuman Way, Communion and Liberation, Focolare, ‘Arche, and Christi Fidelis (yes, Christi Fidelis) cannot exist at all. I submit, if Vatican II is ever condemned by the Church, they will all be condemned. [Note: see photo with caption below -The Webmaster]

Modernism is Condemned
A Liberty of Perdition

[The Apostate Vatican II Council was a complete break from the Sacred Traditions of the Catholic Church.
It was a false council, steeped in heresies that must be rejected by anyone who claims to bear the noble title of Catholic. -The Webmaster]

This "new form" artificially constructed through dialectics, is another blow or better, a clashing between lay and religious, and creates a bizarre new state, a new identity, which may one day replace the priesthood. The theological fundament is absent, but we are able to find some of the Vatican II fundament in the official documentation of Christifidelis, the foundational documents of the religio-lay ministry developed at Vatican II. The goal of this bizarre Opusian lay ministry, the brainstorm of Escriva, conceived in talmudic teachings, irreconcilable with the Faith before Vatican II, becomes clear with close scrutiny.

Not your typical looking seminarians
Not Your Typical Looking Seminarians
Monsignor Escriva (third from left) shown with the first three Opus Dei members
that were to become ordained priests for Opus Dei's agenda.

This objective, this goal of replacing the priesthood can be proven through the mouths of Opus Dei, via its member priests, its lay members and in its publications. One Opus Dei priest [... ] explicitly told one of my correspondents [an ex-cooperator] that Opus Dei ". . .did not want to ordain too many priests, only enough to confect the sacrament." Have you or any other Catholic ever in your life heard another Catholic say that they did not want priests? To make this statement is not to be Catholic. The Society of the Order of the Holy Cross, believed to be a society of priests, is actually a society of laymen, more particularly male members drawn from the professions and business, who receive "spiritual formation" in the Society, and who are "called on an as needed basis" to the priesthood.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing... Opus Dei member "Fr." George Ruther moonlights as a professional Snake Charmer to entice mega-buck donors to finance the Opus Dei cult.
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, "Fr." George William Rutler from New Jersey (not England)
is a member of the secretive Opus Dei Society of the Order of the Holy Cross.

This statement comes directly from the Canonical Path of Opus Dei, their own book! Usually, these men are ordained late in life, and come from the professions, and these traits, as well as their political conservatism, are the only tell-tale signs that give them away as Opus Dei priests is, because they are sent to the local seminaries and are ordained by the local ordinaries, and are not otherwise recognizable as Opus Dei, but this is how they were set up in their foundational documents – to be unidentifiable. [Note: "Fr." George Rutler, an EWTN "favorite" is a member of the Society of the Order of the Holy Cross, though few Catholic's know this fact, which is part of Opus Dei’s Masonic-like policies of concealment. – The Webmaster]

I suggest to you that this publicity about perverted priests comes from them, and now they are providing the answer to this scandal, because I believe that it is they who have set up the organization, Voice of the Faithful. Thousands upon thousands of lay people forming this group, led by "professional and educated men" (the usual target of Opus Dei), are meeting in large convention centers all around the nation, and they are setting up ways for the laity to completely take over the Church. Opus Dei has the organization, the clout as well as the money, to galvanize this immense force of "conservative" Catholics herded into convention centers to respond to the publicity and scandal about the priests. Opus Dei exposes the scandal and at the same time provides the response – a Church composed of a lay-religio ministry, consisting of only some priests, who do not receive their calling from God, but from Opus Dei, and only on an "as needed" basis, until, no doubt, when they are "needed" no longer.

Escriva insinuated himself slowly over the years into the good graces of the reigning popes who viewed what they called a "new form" with suspicion and derision. It is a "new form," resembling nothing in tradition, created without precedent, through dialectics, and irreconcilable with the Faith. Its only foundation is a sea of watery words and ambiguities found in Vatican II documentation. Such a form is given license to be whoever and whatever they like. In its foundational documents it is designed to have a built-in secrecy; a built-in unidentifiability; a chameleon-like definition, an apostolate, confessedly talmudic, which, by scheme and design provides a worldly and world-wide secret political power base under its tight and complete control, all under the name of Catholicism. Even its supernatural elements, which focus on the archangels who also play a major role in talmudic and kabalistic writings and in Masonic halls. The other supernatural focus turns on their one true saint-to-be, Escriva.

I am going to quote from Carmen del Tapia. I think you would serve your purposes very well in publishing these remarks on your website. Carmen del Tapia has never recanted these words.

Excerpts quoted from Carmen del Tapia’s book, *Beyond the Threshold (Continuum Publishing Co., 1999), pp.269-77:


Toward the middle of May of that year, the earth seemed to shake beneath my feet. I was summoned on the run, as always, to the sessions chamber of the central advisory. Monsignor Escriva was seated at the head of the table, with Father Francisco Vives and Father Javier Echevarria on his left, Don Alvaro del Portillo was absent. At Father’s right were the central directress, Mercedes Morado, and Marlies Kucking, in her new capacity as secretary of the central advisory. I was told to sit between Mercedes Morado and Marlies Kucking.

Shouting, puffing and beside himself, Monsignor Escriva said, "Look, Carmen, this has to end. You are not going to laugh up your sleeve at us."

Complaining that she had opened up a post office box to receive mail from the outside, Escriva said:
"What is this, you great hypocrite, you deceiver, wicked woman? And that procuress, Gladys, that sow, let her come in!"


Speaking to Gladys, Escriva screamed, "Do you take letters to the post office for her, for this wicked woman? Do you comprehend the gravity of what you have done…Answer, ANSWER."

…Gladys said, "Yes, Father."

Monsignor Escriva breathed deeply before going on. "You will no longer work for the central advisory. You will not set foot upstairs on the advisory office floor. Let them find you some other job in the house. And now, go to your room and don’t leave it for any reason? Do you hear? For any reason!"

When Gladys left the sessions chamber, Monsignor Escriva told the central directress and Marlies Kucking, in the presence of the priests already mentioned, "After this, take that one," he said, referring to Gladys, "lift up her skirt, take down her panties, and whack her on the behind until she talks. MAKE HER TALK."


Addressing me, Monsignor Escriva shouted, "I give you the second admonition, hypocrite. You write me a letter on my saint’s day, telling me you want to begin again, and this is what you do to me! Tell these people everything, everything. You’re a bad piece of work. I warn you that I’m waiting for some affidavits from Venezuela, and you will find out what’s trouble. You’re a wicked woman, sleazy, scum. That’s what you are!"



…He (Escriva) went on: "And don’t return to Venezuela! Don’t even think of writing to anybody there. Because if you even think of going to Venezuela, I will assume the responsibility of telling the Cardinal what you are. And it would dishonor you!" Pacing the room, he continued, shouting at me: "I was thinking all night about whether to tell you this or not, but I believe it is better that I should tell you." Looking directly at me with a dreadful rage, moving his arms toward me as if he was going to hit me, he added at the top of his voice,…


…"You are a wicked woman. A lost woman! Mary Magdalene was a sinner, but you? You are a seductress with your immorality and indecency! You are a seductress. I know everything. EVERYTHING! EVEN ABOUT THE VENEZUELAN NEGRO! YOU ARE ABOMINABLE. YOU HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR BLACKS. First one and then the other! LEAVE MY PRIESTS ALONE! DO YOU HEAR? LEAVE THEM ALONE! You’re wicked, Wicked! Indecent! Come on, look at the business of the Negro! And don’t ask me for my blessing because I don’t intend to give it to you!"

…he turned around to shout a final insult. "Hear me well! WHORE, SOW…"

While Monsignor Escriva shouted his insults, I had only two thoughts: One, that Christ remained silent in the face of accusations; the other, that God had liberated me…


Lamentation of Christ
Lamentation of Christ
Annibale Carracci
1606 A.D.

Even the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who Escriva teaches was not more than one of his most loved Jews (Note: please see the exact text of Rabbi Kreiman's recounting of Escriva’s teachings about Christ that were taken directly from Opus Dei’s Official Website by clicking here) takes a back seat in this organization conceived in talmudic thought, it is anti-Christ. I believe this group was instituted and formed by Jews long ago as a part of their age-old plot of infiltration to destroy their greatest nemesis and obstacle to their quest for worldly power – the Catholic Church.

The death dealing tounges of heretics will not prevail against the The Holy Roman Catholic Church.
Indefectibility is One of the Four Marks of the Catholic Church

[Indefectibility means that the Catholic Church will last until the end of time. The enemies who try to destroy Her (The Church) from without, or even worse yet, from within, will all be crushed by The Rock that was instituted by Christ the King at the price of His Precious Blood. We must fervently pray that the "destroyers" of the Church are promptly vanquished and that She (The Church) reigns on earth in the fullness of liberty and exaltation as God demands. -The Webmaster]

Partners in Crime
Montini [a.k.a. Antipope Paul VI] with fellow Marrano Jew, Josemaria Escriva, founder of the Cult Opus Dei
Montini gleefully told Escriva in Rome: "Tutto qui è Opus Dei" (Translation- "Everything is Opus Dei here.")

One must agree that Escriva’s concepts in designing this "new form" were inspired by talmudic and kabalistic teachings because they confess as much via Rabbi Kreiman. It is a "new form," without precedent in the traditions of the Church; it is a worldly and world-wide group; it is fundamented in talmudic concepts that are askew with the Faith; and it is an ever-expanding group, with a built-in invisibility and unidentifiability, that has infiltrated the Church to such an extent that in Rome it has been called "the only 800 lb. gorilla on the block" – which incidentally is the same Rome that recently put out a very timely document, as far as Israel and the Jews are concerned, which propagates that we Catholics must acknowledge and welcome the coming of a Jewish messiah (and the Talmud teaches that the messiah is the Jewish people themselves!) as well as instructing Catholics not to attempt (under pain of sin?) to convert the Jews. This document is certainly in complete accord with talmudic teaching, for if the Jewish people are the messiah, as the Talmud teaches, they certainly would not be in need of conversion, would they? The messiah, as you know, comes to convert us, and not the other way around.

Note from The Webmaster: Please compare the above paragraph with the Catholic truth about the Deicides, as taught by Doctor of the Church, Holy St. Augustine:

"The Jews knew that Christ was the son of David. And even now they hope for His Coming. It is hidden from them that He has come, but it is hidden because they willed it so. For, not acknowledging Him on the cross, the knowledge of Him reigning in glory should not be theirs ... Why are the Jews hoping for what has already come, and not fearful for what is to come? For Our Lord Jesus Christ ... referred Himself as "the Stone" (Matthew xxi.44), that whoever stumbles upon it shall be bruised; but upon whom it shall fall, it will grind to powder ... Lying on the ground, it shakes whoever falls over it; coming from on high, it crushes the proud. The Jews have already been shaken by their previous stumble. What awaits them is to be crushed by His Coming." -St. Augustine

The Catholic Church infallibly teaches: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. [Translation: Outside of the Church there is no salvation.]
Unbalanced anti-Semitism is condemned by Traditional Church teaching, as it is sinful to hate a person for their race. Still, Catholic Tradition teaches it is incumbent on every Catholic to oppose with all their energy perfidious Jewish Nationalism. Pray that the willful blindness of the Jews will cease and they will convert to the only means of salvation for all mankind, the Roman Catholic Church. -The Webmaster

Its form, its definition, its rules – its very foundation – are designed to use and enslave, in secrecy, its non-Jewish membership and this enslavement is also in total and complete accord with the talmudic writings which teach that when the Jews finally come into power (as messiah), they are either to enslave the non-Jew or eradicate him. See Shahak, Israel, The Influence of Judaism on the Jewish People.

Burning of Heretics
(Burning of the Heretics by Pedro Berruguette c. 1500)
Errors of Martin Luther, #33: “That heretics be burned is against the will of the spirit.” –Condemned by Pope Leo X (Denz. 773) (i.e. It is against the Faith to believe that when the situation merits it, that it is not in uniformity with God's Will to burn evil heretics at the stake. -The Editor)

I am having their constitution and fundamental documents translated by Fr. Murphy. The documents are published in the back of the Opus Dei book, Canonical Path of Opus Dei. You cannot obtain the official documents because Rome keeps them under lock and key at the request of Opus Dei. Further, you cannot get the report of the theological study that was done. This is also under lock and key in Rome, and is not published in the back of the Opus Dei book.

I am also sending you some of my notes and web-site papers that may be of interest to you. Thank you again for writing the article. I was very gratified to see it.

Yours Truly,

(The Webmaster has deemed it prudent to keep the name of writer of this letter private)

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