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This website is dedicated in reparation for the offenses, outrages and overall misrepresentation of true Catholic devotion to St. Joseph,
the worthy spouse of the Most Chaste Virgin, as is advanced and perpetrated by the anti-Catholic Talmudic sect known as Opus Dei.


1. Which way is "The Way?"

2. If it is true about Opus Dei's Catholicity, how come most Catholics have never heard of it?

3. Is it because there are no public manifestations of its Catholicity?

4. Why doesn't the New York City headquarters of Opus Dei have any religious symbols on it to indicate it is Catholic?

5. What is it about the Catholicity of Opus Dei that prompts committed non-Christians to join it?

6. Why don't the innumerable Opus Dei buildings throughout the world disclose that they are the headquarters of "Opus Dei?" (Even the masonic lodge located on the same street as Opus Dei's headquarters in New York has its name on it.)

7. Is it because they are more secret about their identity than the masons?

Escriva's book [The Way] was burned by a group of holy nuns in Spain on the public street outside their convent doors in the 1930's.
[St. Dominic as Inquisitor, Burning the Evil Books of Heretics by Papal Mandate]

8. Is that why Opus affiliate, Antoine Pinay, Prime Minister of France in 1951 who was a part of the reputed "Pinay Circle" was said to belong to the "...most secret of the secret societies?"

9. Does this secrecy explain why most Catholics have never heard of it?

10. Isn't secrecy and Catholicism oxymoronic?

11. Is it just a coincidence that a renowned member of the Rosacrucian secret society was the King of Navarre, a name used to identify Opus Dei's bible, its college, and its principal location in Spain?

12. Why does Opus Dei's largest foundation, Homeland, give thousands of dollars for abortion and fetal experimentation, eg. $25,000 in 1998 to Columbia Presbyterian Gynecological Department's notorious fetal experimentation program?

13. How much investigation has the Vatican done in the many suspicious deaths of uncooperative members Opus Dei in the early years in Spain and South America?

14. Why was the Bishop of Madrid's 1941 approval of Opus Dei as a pious union imprinted with a "secret seal."

15. Was this done because he was the only Bishop in Spain who supported Opus Dei?

16. Why were Opus Dei members, including Msgr. Escriva, accused by Catholics before three separate tribunals in Spain of being a cabalistic and secret masonic society?

17. Why did a convent of nuns in the '30's in Spain burn copies of The Way on the public street outside their convent doors?

18. Why did two popes and virtually all the Bishops of Spain oppose Opus Dei quest for an Ecclesiastical Office for more than 20 years?

19. Did Escriva's statement "…that many, many members are non-Christian" have anything to do with this Catholic opposition?

20. Since when is it part of the Catholic faith to help Jewish Rabbis stay Rabbis, as Opus Dei professes on its own website?

21. When Rabbi Angel Kreiman stated that Msgr. Escriva shows having "....a profound knowledge of talmudic teachings.." did he wonder where Msgr. Escriva got such knowledge?

22. Did Rabbi Kreiman wonder why a Catholic priest is espousing talmudic teachings?

23. Why doesn't any biography of Msgr. Escriva published by Opus Dei affiliates show the indisputable fact that the family name changed from Escriba to Escriva?

24. Does this name-change have anything to do with where Msgr. Escriba got his "...profound knowledge of talmudic teachings" recognized by Rabbi Kreiman?

25. If Opus Dei is not a secret society, why does everyone who is not a member think it is one?

26. What Cardinal Virtue does "holy shamelessness", an Opus Dei maxim, fall under?

27. Does "holy shamelessness" have anything to do with Luther’s maxim, "sin and sin boldly?"

28. Was it members of Opus Dei that proposed Martin Luther for canonization?

Heresiarch Martin Luther - Spiritual Pervert
[Heresiarch Martin Luther - Spiritual Pervert]

29. Why hasn't the Vatican ever condemned Opus Dei prosletyzing techniques that violate the 4th and 8th commandment?

30. Is this because Opus Dei has become the Vatican?

31. FBI spy Robert Hanssen was reported to have discussed with American Opus Dei advisors outside of the confessional of his communist spying activities. Why didn't these American members turn him in?

32. Why hasn't the FBI brought charges against Opus Dei for its well-publicized complicity?

33. Is it because the FBI was headed by Louis Freeh, a known Opus Dei operative?

34. Is that why Freeh resigned on the heels of the arrest of Hanssen?

35. How did spy Hanssen and his wife reconcile their perverted sexual practices in their marriage with Opus Dei membership?

36. Was it because they were told by their Opusian spiritual directors that there was nothing wrong with it?

37. Is someone who uses anti-communist words, but engages in communist actions, a communist?

38. Does he speak like an anti-communist in order to conceal his communism?

39. Is someone who uses catholic-sounding words, but engages in anti-catholic actions, anti-catholic?

40. Does he use catholic sounding words to conceal his anti-catholicism?

41. In defining his members' mission, why does Msgr. Escriba teach Genesis wrongly and point to man's pre-fall status in regard to "work", as if man had the same pre-fall status now? Is this not the heresy of pantheism?

42. If we are in a pre-fall status, would there be any real need for Our Lord Jesus Christ?

43. Is that why the Opus Dei cross is empty?

44. From this teaching, Escriva extrapolates the notion that "work" becomes the pivot upon which the task of sanctification turns. Does this mean there is no salvation for the unemployed?

45. If professional work is the pivot upon which membership is obtained, is Msgr. Escriva stating that salvation for the professional worker can only be found in and through Opus Dei, the place where they must bring home the bacon?

46. Why are Opus Dei's Catholic-sounding teachings only slightly askew from true Catholic teachings?

47. Is it so Catholics who join up won't notice?

48. Do talmudic and cabalistics teachers say that when the jewish messiah comes, non-jews are to be the slaves to jews or eliminated?

49. If one draws all the reasonable inferences from talmudic teachings about the jews, can non-jews be anything else but slaves or dead slaves?

50. Is the enslavement of Opus Dei lay members, who must turn over their salaries to Opus Dei, a sign that the jewish messiah has come?

51. Is that what Rabbi Kreiman saw in the teachings of Msgr. Escriva that the rabbi called "talmudic?"

52. Is that why Msgr. Escriva handed out whips to his Catholic members and told them to beat themselves?

53. Do Msgr. Escriva’s talmudic teachings have any connection with the recently published Vatican document that we must acknowledge the coming of a jewish messiah as taught in talmudic books?

54. Is that why we no longer may convert the jews?

55. For wouldn't a messiah, even a talmudic jewish one, come to convert us and not the other way around?

56. But doesn't Catholicism teach that the Messiah already came?

57. Next time Our Lord Jesus Christ comes, doesn't He come in glory and in judgment?

58. If that's how Our Lord Jesus Christ is going to come the second time, who is this jewish "messiah" that is coming for the first time?

59. Why did Opus member Navarre Vals publicly tell the Catholic world that our acknowledgment of a coming jewish messiah and Hebrew scriptures, including talmudic books, is now "official" Catholic teaching?

60. If we acknowledge talmudic teachings, are we considered talmudic jews, slaves to the talmudic jews; or just Catholics who acknowledge talmudic books? [Please see: TalmudUnmasked.com -The Webmaster]

61. But if we acknowledge talmudic books, then wouldn’t we also acknowledge our role as slaves to the jews?

62. In comparing The Way with his own life, doesn't this put Escriva in the "do as I say", not "do as I do"school?

[Note: The book, The Way by Escriva, should certainly be avoided by Catholics who value their Faith. Quotes from the text of Escriva's book cited here, are provided solely to warn the Faithful against this sophist's poisonous prose.] -The Webmaster

63. Doesn't this hypocrisy have something to do with why Our Lord told the Pharisees that they could not escape damnation?

64. How long after writing Maxim No.___. "Do not seek worldly titles….." published in "The Way" did Msgr. Escriva pay 250,000 pesatas for the non-transferrable royal title for himself, "Marquis of Peralta?"

65. Has there ever been a saint in all the history of the Church who required the laity, under obedience to Msgr. Escriva, to beat themselves?

66. Is he the very first saint ever to hand out whips to others?

67. Does the canonization of Msgr. Escriva imply that a sanctity comes from handing out whips to others?

Please Note: The webmaster by applying correct theological principles to the current "visible" government in Rome, holds the view that *John Paul II was a manifest heretic, and thus ipso facto was not a valid pope. In fact he (JP2) for a variety of reasons, such as falling under the ex cathedra condemnation of Pope Paul IV's 1559 A.D. Papal Bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, could never have been a lawful pontiff.

Any references to alleged "beatifications" or "canonizations" performed by this usurper of Church property [JP2] are without substance.

68. Why were prime eye-witnesses opposed to the canonization barred from testifying during the canonization process?

Making Conterfiet Saints
Antipope John Paul II and Opus Dei's Portillo, a Mockery of Sanctity

69. Why was Msgr. Escriva's confessor, Portillo, permitted to testify ad nauseum during the canonization process in direct contradiction to the explicitly laid down rule that the candidate's "confessor" may not be called to testify during the canonization process?

70. Why did the Vatican allow a member of Opus Dei to postulate what is supposed to be an unbiased cause for canonization, when such membership presents innumerable temptations toward bias as well as a clear conflict of interest in the duties of the postulator? Was this conflict made even worse by the conspicuous absence of the duties and office of the Devil's Advocate?

71. In light of Pope Urban VIII explicit pronouncement that without the Devil's Advocate, no canonization is valid, why were the duties and office of the Devil's Advocate eliminated from the norms of canonization?

72. Is this because Portillo and other Opus Dei members sat on the committee that had eliminated the duties and office of Devil's Advocate?

Tomb of Pope Urban VIII - by Bernini
"No Devil's Advocate
= No Canonization"

Tomb of Pope Urban VIII - by Bernini

73. Is Escriva's use of the rose with the cross, a clear Rosacrucian symbol, a coincidence or a sign of its adherence to Rosacrucian occultic beliefs?

74. Is this why early Opus member, Miguel Fisac, stated he was asked to wear a white robe during a mysterious initiation ceremony.

75. Why does Opus Dei use the symbol of the empty cross, rather than a crucifix?

76. Doesn't the initiation rite of the Rosacrucians require new members who are Christians to lay down on an empty cross and be tramped by other Rosacrucian members?

77. Is this why only Opus Dei Catholic members are told that the cross is empty so that they may put themselves on it?

78. Is this why only the Catholic members of Opus Dei are required to beat themselves?

79. What was the reason why Jose Maria Escriba changed his name to (1) Jose Maria Escriva, and then again to (2) Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, and then again to (3) Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer and then again to (4) Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas, and then again to (5) Josemaria Escriva de Balguer y Albas, Marquis de Peralta?

80. If Opus Dei was made a "secular institute" in 1947, why then did it come under the jurisdiction of the "Congregation for Religious?"

81. Was it because it could only get status by being in a religious state with a secular mission?

82. Wasn't that why they were recognized by Rome only as a state in life that seeks perfection?

83. Isn't that why it came under the authority of the Congregation for Religious?

84. Doesn't this mean that it was not "unique" after all?

85. Was it a just coincidence that Msgr. Escriva received his supernatural "calling" to ordain priests shortly before going to Rome to seek recognition and get some kind of status?

86. Was it a supernatural "calling" that gave him the idea to ordain priests, contradicting his own unique plan for Opus Dei, before taking that trip to Rome?

87. Or was it because Msgr. Escriva could not otherwise get any juridical recognition from Rome?

88. How is it that the first three priests of Opus Dei, including Portillo, were ordained only 18 short months after Msgr. Escriba "asked them" to become priests?

89. Did the Bishop who ordained them put them in a speed-reading seminary?

90. Why does Msgr. Escriva and Opus Dei say that "...they call Opus Dei men to become priests only on an as needed basis?"

91. Before that trip to Rome in 1947 to seek recognition, were those first priests called by Msgr. Escriva on an "as needed" basis?

92. Wouldn't this kind of calling contradict the Catholic teaching that man receives his calling to the priesthood from God?

93. Wouldn't this make Opus' "ordaining priests on an as needed basis" a calling from a boss other than God?

94. Would that mean that Msgr. Escriva and Opus Dei are earthly bosses who are usurping the rights of God?

95. Does anyone know of any other earthly people who want to usurp the rights of God and become gods on earth?

96. Did Msgr. Escriva think he was God when he asked Portillo and the other two men to become priests?

97. Did Portillo and the other two men believe that Msgr. Escriva's "request" was God's request?

98. Did they think Msgr. Escriva was God?

99. Is that why Msgr. Escriva is called "THE" father?

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